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Women behind bars
Women in fast cars
Women in distress
Women with no dress
Women in aeroplanes
Women who play games
Women in uniform
See that woman with her clothes torn
Women who satisfy
Women you can't buy
Like women in magazines
And women in a limousine
Women who sip champagne
Women who feel no pain
Women in a disco
Women who don't wanna know
Women wanting sympathy
Women feeling ecstacy
Women who live in fantasies
Bringing man to his knees
Women who fall in love
Women who need a shove
WOmen who can't be beat
Get that woman in the back seat
Women in the U.S.A.
Those women steal your heart away
Women into rock 'n' roll
Women who steal the show
Women that you write songs about
Women that turn around and kick you out
Women you dream about all your life
Women that stab you in the back with a switchblade knife

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