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Lord of the fire, keeper of the Flame
The Balance of Dark and Light
You are the Alpha and the Omega
The Predator within the Prey
Fallen Angel, Demon within our mind
Create Sanity from our madness
Your sacred name shall be forever praised
Open thine eyes to truly see

Xomaly... Xomaly...

Enter our world, unleash yourself on us
Consume those in thy path
Let us feed off your mighty power
A feast for the beasts
Abomination of Desolation
Reveal the face behind the mask
Are you the Devil? Are you God?
In the end it's all the same

Xomaly... Xomaly...

Behold the ancient secret. Kept hidden from the eyes of mortal men
A dark light brighter than all the fires of the infernal regions
Xomaly will engulf many and show us another vast dimension
When the 9th Gate is open, all the mysteries of life shall be answered

As Above, So Below

Bow Before Me