You Beat All I Ever Saw

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I've walked though every town saw fortunes lost and found
And when your trail failed I walked holes in both my soles
But I don't expect you back you're somewhere making tracks
I crossed the burning bridges and walked through miles of sand
Met the lawless and the law but you beat all I ever saw
I dreamed a million miles about your eyes and smiles
And since I'd loved the very best I could turn from all the rest
But I'd scan the skies for you but I only saw your hue
They drew away your mould you were made of frozen gold
And your heart would never thaw you beat all I ever saw

You're the only light that can tear my fall of night
It comes from wanting you and breaks my wheel in two
I tried to turn away when there comes a new born day
But I can't loose your memory you'v got my brightest thougt
And you break me like a sprout You beat all I ever saw

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