Barbara Dickson

Young Man Cut Down In His Prime

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I dreamed a dream of my first born son
Estranged from me for ten years or more
I woke the next morning from tormented sleep
To find him standing there at my door

Oh! father be not a stranger to me
Open your heart in my hour of need
My body is broken my time is near
And I'm trembling under this shadow of fear
This sickness has taken my lover from me
Has taken the life from the friends that were mine
And now I must follow like many before
Too many young men cut down in their prime

And when I am dead and they lay me to rest
Ask not for flowers to cover my grave
Ask rather for riches to seek and to find
A cure for my brothers, that they might be saved

So remember me father with love in your heart
I pray that it blooms with the passage of time
Let love be your healer for love was my crime
And now I'm a young man cut down in my prime

I dreamed a dream, of my first born son

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