10 Signs You Should Leave

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You know it's all a game.
That we play back and forth.
I leave. you chase.
And were back to square one.
We were not mean to be.
And i tried my best to work it through.
I asked my friends "what should i do?"
There only advice was leaving you.
But i'm glad i did.
Or at least thats what i tell myself.
I swear to god i never would of known
Your face or your name.
If everyday is a constant reminder your a
And its sad to say, that
I still cry to the bayside cd everyday.
Don't you know that those songs are about you?
Check tracks 8 and 9.
Then call me back.
You ask me "when is it over?"
Over? this isnt over till i say its over.
Back to square one.
Come on