2nd Hand Smoke

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Edi (talking)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon... Smoke It
Outlawz c'mon... Yea... Blood Brothers c'mon
Intoduction to the Outlaw Lifestyle
Blood Brothers ya know
Hit the weed, get the drank
Edi... Kastro... Load up, put one in
Outlaw Recordz... please respect it
Here we go

Introduction to the Outlawz lifestyle
Get the weed, get the drank
Turn the lights down
Bang ya hood
Show ya tatts
Let them niggaz know
They crossed the muthafuckin' line
And now they gotta go
Im with my family and I'm finna' light it
Fuck yall niggaz
I cant see a damn thang but us dog
Makaveli lives and shit I'm the fuckin proof
2nd generation Thug Life
Who is you?
Hood to hood... Outlaw please respect it
We them niggaz gettin' helix
When it get hectic
Well trained, smell game from a mile away
Get the bitch to the hide away right away
Edi - i - like a thief in the night
I rock her to sleep
I put my piece thru the light
We breathe thru the light
And we the strength for the strong
Keepin' it going
Yall muthafuckas hate cause you know
Here we go

Kastro (chorus)
I been a straight gutta nigga for all my life
So... ghetto shit is all I like
Like loud mouth ho's
Foul mouth folks
Up 3 days straight
Thuggin' in the same clothes
We scrap for a living
Trapped in this prison
We take money-money
Without asking permission
Our hearts pump thug shit
Our blood drip fire
The life of an Outlaw
For swears to admire

The butchery, gun talk and money moves
The prophecy for young thugs is born to loose
Walk in my shoes
If you can you's a man
Two hands on ya ball

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