White Wizzard

40 Deuces

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Out in the city - On streets of fire
I feel the power of the night
Fire and octane - Leather and metal
I'm burning under neon lights

I'm shifting gears to ride the sky
My metal heart will never die
Forged in the fires of hell - My pistons fly
40 deuces running high

Dark dirty women - Whiskey and cold gin
Getting high and never coming down
My engines fire - Fueled by desire
Like lightning striking all around


Set 'em up and knock 'em down
Rock the night away
Deal the cards - Roll the bones
Lady luck will find her way

Buy the ticket - Take the ride - Pedal to the floor
Gonzo lust for life - Kick ass! Alive forever more!!

Out on the pavement - I'm burning rubber
Good Time Overdriving to the sky

Into the sunrise - I'm riding shotgun
Devil driving - Never gonna die

Autor(es): Jon Leon

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