Paul Colman

4 Love

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I don't know where you draw the line
'Cause I'm just a person trying to pick up all the pieces
And they never asked me where I want to be born
And they never told me that love would be so hard

Well I grew up staring at the face of Jesus
And I always wondered how they took his photograph
I remember staring through a stained glass window
Funny how it made the world look different on the other side

And I wish that I could walk ahead and never fall behind
And I wish that we were all for love

I'm only young but I know the difference
Between your condemnation and the one who really loves
I've worked out love is more than just emotion
But some days all I want to do is cover up

You are my love You are my love
'Cause I need more than just my love

I'm only one in a world of millions who can save this heart
Who can set me free?
The things I face to me seem so damn crucial
But when I look in suffering eyes I always see my place