Randy Rogers Band

65 Degrees

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Well it was 65 degrees and wind all around
Bobby said there ain't nothing to do in this west Texas town
He drove down to the liquor store just like the night before
Another fifth of whisky and he'll windup on the floor

Now on the other side of town on the wrong side of the tracks
Sandy Parker sits alone in her run down little shack
Well her new step dad had too much to drink tonight
Turns on the radio just to drown out the fight

And she sings, I want to be just like the stars up on the big screen
Running wild and free chasing my dreams
Then I could fly away and leave this town behind
Instead I'm stuck here, watching life slowly pass me by

On an 80 acre farm on the outskirts of town
An old farmer wipes the sweat from his brow
Well theses damned old crops don't pay like they used to
But it's all he knows what else is there to do


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