Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space

Abra Cadaver

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I´m a necrophilac
A corpse-grinding megalomaniac
I´m nasty and i´m mean
For all those moralizers much too obscene
They say i´m a perverted bastard
A misanthropic scumbag
I´m a deranged freak
Oh such a freak - fantastic
I´m a fucking wild child - I move to spastic
Maybe i´m too drastic but i´ll get your shitty ass kicked
Abra cadaver - i´m a lunatic forever
Ref.: Stay wild
Stay sick
And become undead
Soulsisters - Freakbrothers
We´re more different than all others
Death to hypocritical preachers
We´re a bunch of godless creatures
We are the anti-human league
Such a league bombastic
We are reckless insolent
And strained sarcastic
This hell on earth is our pick
And we´ll get your ass kicked
Ref.: Stay wild
Stay sick
And become undead

Autor(es): Blood Sucking Zombies from Outerspace

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