Age Of Nemesis


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Beseeching hand yearns to be blessed
Wild hungry passion, rueful request

While the fire within me howls
Which ain' t the light it seemed 'till now…
From the earth here towards the sky
Twisting like eternal life

I want everything, there' s no much to choose
Good or evil, there' s nothing I' d refuse
Millions left me, now I' m all alone and
You outcast me from the holy land

They went and blamed me for the Archons failings
I wear the burden, but I don' t like the feeling
Earthly desires no longer make my head swell
I am no longer frightened by the gates of hell!

All the doors are shut tight
The memory turned out white
Words without forgiveness
The curse tears me to pieces

Midnight, shimmering moonlight
Here I bath in its light…
Waiting to behold a redeeming sign
Should my soul be bad or good I just can' t decide

Autor(es): Age of Nemesis

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