You and I


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Maybe she would come to me with arms outstretched and wings spread wide, blood covered arms they choke.
I cannot breathe those thoughts, time lapse face down, the sky's tears fell, toward the inviting wings of our hearts, the sky's tears fell toward our hearts,
I hear them silently sleeping, up and down wrists so i'm blind, find myself alone in your arms to drown my tears. I wrapped myself in a blanket of tears, but still i cannot sleep, cover me, give me love, give me passion, give me love, i have waited so long, so long, my hands have closed their eyes.( I'll try to take it the best that i know how) as thiers have closed mine
( I'll try to take it and help from falling apart)
( You were the sunshine that burned when dreaming failed) to watch him fall
( you said I love you when we burned so bright)
I drown, i wish, and so i drown, cry my own still unfelt find myself, I wish i was, i wish i was them, but still i cannot, trapped inside, sleep upon those beds, give me passion, fill me with love, i have waited so long, so long.

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