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People come to the church in times like these for answers.
But I have none...most words seem to fall empty, but I'll try.
It is a horrible thing that no one should have to go through, losing a friend at such a young age.
You know, or you should know, that he is in a better place.
We'll always ask ourselves if there was something more that could have been done...that's natural.

Do you ask yourself that, Father?


He went to you for guidance, you hid behind a screen
Knowing how much empathy might mean
Did you know how much he loved? Did you know how much he cared?
Lost in the teaching was a boy, so all alone and scared
Father, we were so in love! And that's what I find so odd
Our love was pure and nothing else brought me closer to God

I'm sorry, Peter.

And I forgive you, Father.

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