Abyss Of Hungry Eyes

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You're born on one side of a highway,
Death waits across the road, its patience's great.
Moving across a zebra with white and black zones
You go through a lot sunsets and dawns.

Walking across black zones
You can see none around.
You scare away those who don't wanna have your troubles,
They have their own ones - wo-ho!
When you're ok - while they smile to you
The only thing you see around
Is abyss of hungry eyes.

We envy others their fortune,
We're glad at their disaster.
Sometimes the life is like a torture,
Some wish it ran faster.
Hearing such the thoughts
The zebra throws the subject down.
And the death darts away from it place
Just to pick up the prey.

Walking across black zones…

Sometimes old people lash the youth
For morals and manners.
I think they are motivated by envy -
Pure and siple.
Many bear green-eye monsters inside
That's why you often see snouts around.
You ought to realize - the sooner, the better -
You're alone, that's right!
See your illusions fall to the ground.

You scare away those who…