A Car Crash Caused By Karma

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the sky was perfect on the night we met
thunderstorms seemed so far away
sunlight shining through my window
showed that I had no reason to be afraid
about the future and what we had in store
but now theres been an accident
our bodies contorted and distorted from the
brick walls that we blindly broke through
breaking eighty, I said you were always such a lady
you always left a mess, but I confess
I'll confess that this was my fault
So let's take it back to the beginning
when I said , "hell, I can take this"
well, honestly I cant take this anymore
what happened to our perfect ending?
our blood-red love and broken bones
has a perfect way of blending with the asphalt
I'll confess that this was my fault
so let's take it back to the beginning
before our bodies lay bloody, bruised and broken
with no chance of recovery
now laying on the pavement, I turned my head
to see you laying there, motionless
emotionless...horror filled my eyes while I leaned over your broken body and kissed you goodbye....

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