Accidental Light

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On your mark, get set...
A million miles past the finish line
My heels lift
At this imaginary starting line
The trigger slips
My heart was racing well before it's time
Time's running out, it's always running out on me
As the road up ahead disappears

Though it's all been said
And this empty dictionary's all that's left
I'll try to change the world in a single word
My hands are shaking, ready or not
Invisible ink well it's all i've got
So i'll concentrate and pick from these barren trees

Cause time's running out it's always running out on me
And every road that i discover disappears under my feet
Some call it reckless, some call it breathing

Have i said too much or not enough?
Is it overkill or is it giving up
Just to measure out the distance of an echo's reach

If it's all broken mirrors and a chance roll of the dice
Then i'll risk everything for a glimpse of accidental light.

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