A City Winter

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Music was wailing, the room barely lit
With dart players playing hardly knowing what they hit
And no one was listening to what anyone said
We would wait for the snow to melt so we could get back to bed
We walked through the streets and these months they're bare
The people don't use them; though they know they're there
But isn't it wasted this half year waiting for spring?
If we can get through the winter we'll survive anything
And I know very well the way you feel when December ends
We know there were warmer days, but cannot remember when
Let's get our money out of here, we'll settle down somewhere
And if we someday yearn for a cold return we'll get our money out of there
We got through the storms and through the blistering hail
Our hearts were broken and our careers had failed
We barely had money and the cold made us ill
But we got through winter and we're breathing still.

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