After The Fire

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I'm just a walkin' back into yesterday
Here I go again
Turn around without a sound
Such a mystery
You never speak but you say so much
Make me incomplete
You pick me buy but's it's my tough luck
You're in the drivin seat

Now, after the fire (*)
I'm still burnin' after the fire
But you make me come alive
The message in your eyes is clear
And the fire in you eyes
Is burning in me costantly
And now, the fire burns away
You freeze again
But you don't fade away

We gotta meet in the cobbled street
Maybe, let's pretend
Rendezvous for me and you
Guess this is the end
One more time and I'm on my way
I'm feeling kind of small
The Eiffel tower's over me
But you can make me tall

(*) repeat

(you got me hot)