A Day The Hatred Dies

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Life, a picture of frustrating reality
Oppression surrounding the mass
He who has the power tends to corrupt
What the hell... It's a business as usual
War and murder in the name of God
Manipulations under the name of religions
Fraud in conspiracies for gaining profits
Those religious persons commit crimes everyday
Leave us here, they warp our perceptions
Hatred slowly grows in our hearts
Feeling hurt in the most dedicate way
Screaming in a rage at those hypocrisies

Looking a place for our feet to show them "we are not like you"
They are on God's side so we are on the other, does it make sense?"
Minds are blind for the mistakes taken in hating hypocrisy
In fact we're all the victims of our hatred
Under the influence of sin, there is no way to live
An ideal life by our own strength

Religion hurts, but God will never make us down find the way in him
( when Christ returns, all these things will be no more a day the hatred dies shall come...)