Addicted To Money

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Im addicted to money (x 16)

Oooh I gotta have it, ohhhh I gotta grab it,
hustle real hard gotta stack dat cash,
Im addicted to money (x 4)
Its the one that i put before a hoe,
Money is all a n-gga get fo sho,
Im addicted to money (x 4)
Look at ya boy, got 50 thousand in his mouth,
Look at ya boy, up in the way bigger house,
Im addicted to money (x 4)

[Lil Scrappy]
Born makin money,
I growed up in the hood yeah,
all da hoes love me cos they throw me real good,
been wearing the same clothes bout 8 days,
when I cop dat 8 ball when and flipped it 8 ways,
I dont feel clean but a n-gga so paid,
got the clean white tee with the fresh shades
aint got the charger got my bitch escalade,
sipping on the Grey Goose and some damn lemonade,
sitting on the block while it's hot, it aint nothing,
Im a rapaton (?) rapper, still got the hood run,
been through hell and back and i ain't fronting,
n-ggas talking bout dope like they f-cking sell some,


Im addicted to money,
Im addicted to clothes,
Ive been a pimp my whole life so I'm addicted to hoes,
they feel I'm the big dipper, let em play with the stock,
but they don't wanna f-ck me they wanna f-ck my car,
on the bare skin rug no shoes or socks,
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so on three you and the coupe gotta lose your top,
see I'm addicted to the paper I've been getting for years,
and my whip is all white I call it britney spears,
say life is like a circus when you stuck on the block,
so we don't snitch or eat pork, we don't f-ck with the cops,
thats why i be getting paper till the day that i die,
so like Monica Lewinski keep your head up high,


Its the son of the preacher, but raised by the dope lady,
talk get money, pimp laws and n-ggas gone hate me,
I got a good heart and a good brain,
you heard my gangsta story,
my life is off the chain,
my mum flipped the cane, and pop was up the church,
but you and had me in the hallway with the (?)
praying that I stay safe and I don't get murked,
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but I bet I get paid make that money work,
hit the garage I bet I got a bigger merc,
let me holler at your b-tch I make that p-ssy hurt,
for real tho you know that I get dough,
been the record game and my mission is to get more.


Autor(es): Christopher Bridges / Darryl Richardson / Erik Ortiz / Kevin Crowe