Addictions Are Private

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Am I being loved
By under-estimating fools
With a certain distaste
For progression and the new
Like the negative photograph
You see when you close your eyes
Slips away in a moment or two
You don't get me, do you?

I didn't really put myself out
But I fulfilled my expectations
Perhaps it didn't feel so grand
Neither was it so convincing
In dreams I've seen all of these things
Now it seems as if I was awake
And they were human beings

Changing by the hour
While I stayed here all day

Now there's just a few
That makes any sense
Of all these objects viewed
Through the palm of my hand
To leave this room
Means going straight
Out of fiction and into the great
Sentimental truth

Singing little clichés
Though I am not in love
Failing to define
What I'm thinking of
Dreaming that I speak of
Things I cannot say
Hiding in my pockets
Well, all addictions are private anyway

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