A Dead Man's Song

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I don't know how long
This place's been my home
I don't know how long
I've been trying to write this song
The boys are all gone
Oh-since 1981
They've left me
All alone

I've been trying
Without a reason
Just floating
With the stream of my heart
Or what's been
Left of it

All i ever wanted
Was the ultimate song
Pure, true fulfillment of the heart

I've heard a million songs
I've seen a thousand bands
Generations came along
Shared my room, my house
But none's ever noticed
Me or my craft
They were too busy
With themselves

I've been trying
To get trough
But these mortals
Were so ignorant
Who needs
A dead man's song

Once i had a love
Who inspired all my songs
Now, i've found you
Would you sing along
To tell the audience
Oh-about 81
About me
And my room
I've been trying
To escape
But for me every exit
Is an entrance to this room

Where they've left me
All alone.