Lost Soul

Adoration Of Violet

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Adored the name of the One
Who created Mind
Because of wildness of His thirst,
Become the ruler of fate
Chaos' like miser
Hell's like food and Heavens - its taste

Adored is my name for creation of Thought
Adored is my mouth for creation of silence
Adored are me hands for creation of punishment
But the Sin is not of mine

Among the tears we're embarrassed - we sigh
When falseness conquers the thrones of perversity
When the breath of stars we'll feel anymore
Covered in Madness

Swinging at the groan of heavens
We creep up among the yell of clouds
We head there where the spell of mist rules
Aurora's singing in violet of pearls of darkness
We tremble...
In the light of spotless whiteness
When coolness...
Wills to bite the scent of our words

Nothingness as trace with the colours' tread
Beauty is like mask, when the visages weep

I keep my ship's board in darkness
I throttle myself in the shawl of heavens