A Dream At the Sun

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Sometimes we hear little whispers that sound like sins
And realize that are seeds floating on the winds
And when the night comes to freeze our heart and our soul
They spread ad nightmare and thrill the eternal love

I had a dream, dream at the sun
Where morning rays kissed me
Sat on the grass I've heard that seeds
But I couldn't see

And when the man has the weakness into his soul
He always try to search his right course
But when the man is tormented by his own fate
He realizes that he makes his worse mistake

I've lost my seeds, dream at the sun
Has gone and has left me
Sat on the grass I fell those winds
But they have no seeds

Feeling alone I have left the eternity
Now I will leave and it's run to go away

"Alone and tormented,
Searching on the winds
the freedom for our sins
I'm an imortal soul"

They are on fire, Maybe the sun
Swallow the seeds on flames
And all my dreams have left me
Oh! Alone but free!

Alone but free!
Free of the sins and of ignorance
I'm on the winds, I am an imortal soul
Oh! My fantasy!