A Dream/Four Hours Left

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I had such an amazing dream
you and i were dancing, or so it seemed
every word you spoke fell so smooth
like every note
yeah, you smiled when you saw me
but its all in the air you breathe
knowing that you breathe with me
its all in those things you see
knowing that you see something in me
i had such a wonderful sleep,
waking up with you on my mind
was enough to make the whole day go well
while everyone fell,
apart around me
you and i were dancing
you and i were laughing
you and i were oh so happy
i couldnt help but to notice
you've been sitting closer to me...

I woke up so early
i had to wait around
i'll like another shower
just to pass the time
the hands on my clock never move
i'm not sure if they can
no they can't
do you know what i should wear?
because i can't decide
should i wear my blue shirt, or just one of my black ones
or will it even make a difference?
'cuz i dont think it will...

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