A Final Farewell

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Nemo nisi ambo esto, in aeternum, mea lux
Tempus autem citum fuget, nos valere iubet

Dusk emerges slowly in azure shades
From the depths of the ground
The time has come my precious love
To say farewell to you

The night falls and the waters rise
A silent whisper in the winds
Spirits of the forest grant me the strength
I need to bear this pain i feel

The trees shiver in the dark
Solemn a nightowl is soaring
Dance for me for the last time
Tonight when nature is calling

A bed of moss to lie down and die
No words to bid a final farewell
My precious love you can't deny
Your eyes won't see another dawn

Nemo nisi...

Close your eyes my precious one
Taking your last breath
As this is your final farewell
As this is your death

Dusk emerges...

A bed of moss...

Nemo nisi...

Close your eyes...

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