Dawn Of Dreams

A Forgotten Yearning

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A Forgotten Yearning

Eyes like golden shadows
Gleam merciless in the sky
A sigh fulfills the sensuality
Of my feelings
My mind has drowned
In a sea of emotion
I seek solace in the prisons
Of the distant past

I crossed the seven seas
Face to face with a dying sun
For you I am all by myself
In your silver light
Moments to come
In centuries old

Here I am standing like
A flower in the rain
Forgotten and yearning
For you my love
I the god
I am dancing in the sunshine
Of the dark

Open your arms and feel my embrace
Feel the coldness of my darkest past
And fall with me into a dream

A dancing blaze lights up the sky
Possessed the wistful screams of thousands of
Microcosmic dimensions

Forever in dreams I am standing
Forthcoming centuries I will rule
In obscure infinity.