After hours

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Here comes cokey joe, looking to make it snow.
I wish i didn't know what i know.
And that's why you were hired hired.
Don't do your job and you'll be fired fired.
You can't get tired
After hours hours
Head getting high and filled with towers towers
They congregate here
After hours hours
They tellin' lies,
That's how rumours get started and destinies die.

Tick tock, sexy clock
Where did the time go?
You can't go blind blowing your load.
And that's why god's a liar, liar,
You're on the range, you need a fire fire
We'll take you higher
After hours hours
They gettin' nice on whiskey sours sours
They tradin' secrets
After hours hours
Destroying time,
That's how organs shut down and brain cells die.

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh...

Here comes sammy smack and he's all crashed up
He gonna need a transfusion of blood.
And all the ladies are like "yes, yes".
Another system under stress stress.
Forget about it, lose that dress dress.
Oh, give me a hug!
This is how the young girls dress in my club.
After hours hours
Eternal life and satan's powers powers
You live forever
After hours hours
Now you know why the sun ain't the real reason vampires die.

Autor(es): Tyler Spencer

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