Afternoon of the Faun

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I know my house floods at the basement
In all, I'd sell it if I could
In the winter time, the kitchen is freezing
Because my furnace is not good

If you accept my true intention
To find a house for all of us
My mind's eye can see a dimension
That defies its adorable size where the garden is lush

Let's get put out to pasture
Let's go underground
Let's sit up in the thatched roof rafters
Where we can listen to the sound

If anything here babbles
Like a brook in a stream or a little child
I wanna live then in a hole, grin,
Where the buttercup roams wild

Give me shelter of a doll-like proportion
Roll me over in the sparkling dune
Far from town, lay me down on the marshy stones
On the warm wet ground
I wanna buy deceited hearts for you

On an Afternoon of the Faun
Afternoon of the Faun
Afternoon of the Faun
On an Afternoon of the Faun

(Afternoon of the Faun)
(Afternoon of the Faun)
(Afternoon of the Faun)
(Afternoon of the Faun)

Autor(es): Melora Creager

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