After The Grace Of Kaos Synopsis

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Under the smell of Chaos was the witness of the end,
Hell patiently awaiting us in a total paerfect perversion
Bastialy ready...

After the centuries of lies !!!
After the manipulations !!!
The true Honour and Valor
Will be reason to the... Proudly...

In the night of your nice dream
You can see the flames.
Is the night of your dark dream
You can feel the pain.
Is the night of your dark dream
You can see your destiny...

What would be your life without the depth
Of your nice dreams ?

Ne vois-tu pas cette immonde trahison
Où la beauté n'est que le reflet de ta mort ?
Laisse les flammes brûler en toi !
... Contemple la splendeur du chaos,
Où le mensonge n'aura plus de place,
Où vos corps enlacés chuteront
Et comprendront la souffrance.

Fire will consume hold them and
Will devastate their vomiting world.
That our rest is eternal on this earth
As in hell for the end of times...