After The Storm

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Shame on me, now I'm standing alone
When I turn my face far behind
The shadow of yesteryear's sighs
Gradually his shape fades
Degrades under the law of time
Swallowed by the book of memories

Forgive me for what I've committed
Many times I fly, in the light, in the dark
I just did it pointlessly
Reaching for something
So alone

Dreaming for another touch, I fly so high
I just let myself falling
Wildly drifting on the air
Marching the sounds of my inner ill
Hear the weeping of the bleeder...shout

Crawls...reveals...this drowning hope here beneath
Many times I give my mind a crown and lay down
Stiff unmoved and yet posed a dying mortal flesh
Piercing the limits, stretch upon my hollow painted nest
Keep on questioning my daily breath...what a day

No matter how intense I strike
The anger still here and breed inside
I hate myself, hating the light
This pain I feel kills me outright
What should I do to break this chain?

It's only you, my only strength to fight
Facing my mirrors of ideal reality
Morning's pride arrives, enter my two wounded eyes
Brings her another ugliest blazing wrath
Will I keep survive under this earth burning sun?

Why can't I seize the dusk
The only chance I give my misery eulogy?
Dear lord, I chocked by the plans of thee
Severely amazed, torture in doubt
Questions I've drawn, left and forgotten
I pass the answers, I let my light dimmed