A Knight In Shining Amore

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This one's flawless
Ain't she a beauty?
Ain't she grand?
Sealed with a kiss
With hopes
Of getting through
Because a glass ceiling
Divides us
And what I've got
Is the blessing
Of a clear day
And a clear view

The architecture limbs above
Come dance within'
The framework of young love
Fill it baby, fill it
Two figures in a skeleton lit
Dancing so electric
And lighting up this world

And I'll step right on your heart
Pressing hard and deep
I'll leave you not degraded
Cause I'll keep coming back
To fill that fragile imprint
Again and again
Until you're satiated

So we live only to die
Well lately
I've sworn that's so untrue
Because part of me swears that
I am living for you

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