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Aiming for Zero

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how much do you remember
on a plane drowned in sky
the madmen in the mirror
or the face with the hollow eye
go swimming in the river
all the trees dive into the icy ground
no message to deliver
thankyou please
all roads lead straight ahead when you're
aiming for zero

she's taller than a tea chest
and she carries those winter eyes
and you'll never believe him
and he won't take my advice
she does telekinesis
but she's a cripple in a cage
and he walks a twisted mile
just to write a crooked page
and i'll never believe again
some things just ain't meant to be
now she's pregnant at the rodeo
and i'm buying company
and the chairman of eject
says he won't take no for no
and i'm never gonna see it again
and i'm whistling as i go

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