Aim Not At The Kingdom High

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Bounds of the kingdom divine
From the horizons of God
The angel beholds our world in flames
And the crowds who rejoice
In both pleasure and pain
Her heart is filled with tears
Heavy as wings of the raven dark
For her father the lord forbade her
To taste the apple
That fell to the ground

For all the pleasures of heaven are shallow
Though eternal
I would trade this for a day
Among the mortals

For just a day
I would sacrifice all that was given to me
My whitest wings, my faith
And my virginity, so take my soul
Blacken my wings and let the gates
Of light be forever closed

Mortals - Open your arms
And greet me with what never was
Given to me
Initiate me into all that was
Hidden from me
My hunger is insatiable, my wish for fire
Is deeper than the skies

And like the fallen angels we will ruin
All that is trying to hold us back
Virgin maidens are to be engaged
In the obligations to those of the damned

And the angel prayed
To ascend in our world
As she was given to the flames
For we are not the children of God
And we aim not at the kingdom high

All that is divine is to be dead
And all that ever was in decline
For shallow are the pleasures of God
And I aim not at the kingdom high

"So give me pain
Teach me to know myself again
For self-denial is the norm
On which all my thoughts
And identity was formed
So show me pain
Fulfill all my dreams
That have been veiled in vain
For my blood and my veins are of sin
And my soul has been sold so show me pain"

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