Ai no Etude (Version English)

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Deep red rose petals flutter in the silken sunshine
I break into a smile when I come to you beautiful mademoiselle

Even in dreams I pursue you, wanting to keep staring at you
Running errands in the dazzling afternoon, you're a stranger

If you have hope "espoir" the sea can become the ocean "la mer"
Your unending dreams will be granted if you search
If you have hope "espoir" you could have the sea "la mer"
Shining dreams of when that day will be
"ja t'aime"...Study of love

I secretly sketch your dazzling profile on a canvas
Everytime I touch your wonderous face, I get a sweet feeling

Imagining you, so close, in a dream, it hurts,
The overflowing tears from my heart you softly wipe up

"Mon chere" my dearest, a man in love, "mon amie" just a friend, a sad man
Love's conclusion is the dream of our two hearts
Lovingly you call "mon chere" my dearest; whispering, you call "mon amie" my friend
Certainly our wish will be granted
"ja t'aime" study of love

La la la, hear the sounds, the beautiful melody...supple dream's melody
The flowers and stars even sing of our love.
"espoir" my wish is for you to say it "la mer" the sea matures to become the ocean
playing the endless dream's melodies

If you "espoir" hope you can have "la mer" the ocean
Our dreams will shine strongly when that day comes!
"ja t'aime" of love
"ja t'aime" of love

Pizinha s2 Litsuo

Autor(es): Arisawa Takanori

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