Small Brown Bike

All Of Us

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You never know what's going to hurt you
It always comes when you least expect it
Without a word, without a warning
But in the end we'll always be

All of us, all of us

Will we know?
Will we fell it?
Do you want to see the signal?
I don't know
But there's more
I can tell you
No matter how it goes
We live in legacy

The less you think about the moment
The less you have to be afraid when you know
Don't let it take away your focus
We have to leave more than we take and that's the point

All of us, all of us

Let go, let go
Let go of who you are

And for the last time, I'll say, "I'm sorry"
We may never know what it means to worry
I only hope that I leave a good life
And I love you, all of us do

Autor(es): Small Brown Bike

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