Air Force Ones (Nelly ft.Ali,Murphy Lee,Kyjuan)

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(big boi') 3x
I said give me two pairs
(cause) i need two pairs
So i can get to stomping in my air force ones(big boi)
Big boys stomping in my air force ones
I like the all white, high top, strapped with the gum bottom
There's some'n about dem, dirty that's why i got em'
I leave them strapped and lace and then come up out em'
The last person that touch em' i damn near shot em'
Now if you look and see lime green forces it's kiwi
You couldn't get this color if you had a personal genie
You know i keeps it hip-hop my nigga flip-flop
Yeah my force ones in tip-top ya'll fork for flip-flops
I like the limited edition, the khaki, and army green
Patent leather, pen stripes, you should see how i do the strings
Size 12 with the strap, white and red with cardinal cap
All flavors but it just depends on wherever i'm at
Murphy lee:
Don't get me, don't get me wrong man
Now murphy lee ain't dumb man
Cuz' if the shoe is on the shelf you should have some man
You cannot sit up and tell me that you have none man
You may not have three or four but you got one man
Chorus 2x
Murphy lee:
We up in footlocker, i'm looking like i need those
10 1/2 and if you got em' give me two of those
I can tell she never seen murphy lee before
Cuz' she just standing there as if i'm shooting free throws
I said excuse me miss i only wanna buy shoes
She said i love you murph, especially in the white and blues
I said the white and blue, sounds nice, make it twice
Then i signed an autograph "thanks for the advice"
I keep it real dirty dirty you know how i do
Purple and gold with the lakers, the broncos, the orange and blue
I like floppy with ankle socks, lows, mids, and high tops
With the clear sole but it's tims with fat laces when is cold
But when the winter go (brr) and the hot summer flow
Then it's back to the all-purpose with the lil' dots in the toe
Ain't nothing stopping this dough that i'm spending fo sho'
On those nike air forces n e behind the o
O-kay lee, i treat my shoes like my ride
Chrome on the fat laces and put wood on the inside
Spray candy on the swoosh with electric roof
Since i put a kid on the sole now i gotta wad of shoe (oohhh)
You see that low mid skittle purple hoop, i 'm driving nem'
(kyjuan where you getting them colors, are you dying nem')
10 is my size, and no point in tieing 'em
Ain't no point of trying these on, they know i'm buying 'em
Now don't nothing get the hype on first sight like white on whites
Them 3 quarters, the lows, they all tight
The only problem they only good for one night
'cuz once you scuffed 'em you fucked up your whole night
What's my basis, the looks on stored on his faces
This kid is outrageous, he buying 'em by the cases
'cuz once i cop 'em i gut 'em and switch the laces
They all-purpose ya heard me kinda like my datings
Chorus 2x
I wore spurs at first but now it's hate on 'em
(damn when those come out) so i write the date on 'em
These louios vaton ones, you gotta wait on 'dem
I had to get them early so i spent mo' cake on them
Murphy lee:
Look, i'm trying to keep it up like a one minute man
While ali on the kawasaki two head bands
Jewelry and all (you wilin') fish bowl in da mall
(i got some 15's) security buying shoes and all
Listen, sometimes i get em' free n' sometimes i gotta pay
Walk in the mall and they know what i'm 'bout say
Gimme the black,and the platinum, and leather gray
The ones in the back and the pair you got on display
Now when the boxes go i keep mine (keep mine)
You should peep mine (peep mine, peep mine)
Once or twice but never 3 times
I'm just a sneaker pro
I love pumas and shell-toes
But can't nothing compare to a fresh, cripsy white pair of (yeah)
Chorus 2x
(big boi') 4x