Ai To Yobeba Ii No Ni Ne (translation)

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If it's love, one should be able to say so, right?

Sometimes these days, conscious of my faults i get worried
Even though i'm clasping your hand tightly i urgently want to break free
*even though these feelings are gathering in my heart to the tips of my fingers and overflowing
**we're so alike, surely i tell myself that even friends laugh i feel like something is wrong but of course it's not your fault
***at that time, i just kept quiet looking at the sky, i closed up i should be nicer, to compare to you but i should be able to tell you these feelings if it's love... if it's love...
You see this and understand the times that i've wanted you
The real me can't do it i always pull back
You said no to our continued meetings, just like my current feelings
While selfishly forcing this, everything valuable seems to be destroyed on the other hand, i blame you with defeated eyes
I'm sorry, but step by step i get closer and closer to the day i have the strength to say it if it's love... if it's love...

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