Maitia nun zira

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Where are you, my love? I have not seen you or heard from you,
where have you lost yourself?
May it be you have changed your plans?
You told me, over and over again, that you were mine.

I am the same, I have not changed and my heart has chosen you to love.
A jealous father has caused this. He deprives me to see and talk to you.

Jealous father, you sent your daughter, as if to flee from me, to that convent.
There is no possibility she will enter as a nun. We kept our word, we are engaged,
and that is the plain truth.

Come to see me riding your horse; come to console me, hidden from my father.
Already I am twenty-four years and in one more year,
we no longer have to worry about my father.

To all the daughters I say to them; “Look at me, do what I say.
While they are young, discipline is good! When they get older,
then it is too late, well do I know.”

Autor(es): Popular vasca

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