Lili eder bat badut nik

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For some time now, I have chosen a beautiful flower,
but I do not dare to pick it up with my hands,
because I know the danger it is to look at it too much.

Beautiful flower, look at me and tell me if you really love me,
your eyes have hurt the deepest of my heart
and now my wound runs the risk of gangrene.

I do not want any misfortune happened to you by my fault.
I do not believe my eyes have never injured you.
Therefore, be not afraid, you will not die from it.

How well and tenderly do you speak.
I would like to have a brief visit,
much do I wish you will allow me that moment.

I may permit you, dear; I do not have a cruel heart,
but before I would like to know all your intentions,
people may wonder about your visit.

Certainly I am neither a count nor a noble,
it is not of such importance to draw the attention of anyone,
you are the simpleton filled with fantasies.

I know that I am simpleton and surely that is true,
but I think you well know what I say;
now I have my fortune, and precisely not given by you.

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