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Albie I knew
He's not in love with you
He wants to let you know
He knows when to let go
And you run after love like
It's going out of style
He hopes he'll meet someone
Who'll stay for a while

When you went away
He said 'It's only
Inches between
Alone and lonely'
He said 'I'm sick and tired
Of being used and hired
A desperate Dan'
And after all I can't recall
A more desperate man
But Albie says he can

Your photographs
Were everywhere around
Once they shone down from above
But now they're scattered on the ground

Bruises on your arms hair in your eyes
All the same you won't be tamed
And I won't be surprised
But Albie knows that's how it goes
For the loneliest man
If anyone can be so hard done by
Albie can

Albie had your photographs
On all the walls around
He can't remember when he pinned them up
But Albie says, he can't forget the day
They all fell down

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