Albino Cheese Puffs

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Do you remember when you got a package in the mail
You looked inside of the box noticing to your avail
There was white styrofoam in the shape of a cashew nut
In that era of packaging they were referred to as peanuts

Now they are different, filled with more air
Developed by some company, to which we don't care
All you can seem to do is squeeze them out of shape
You can't make them pop, that's what I hate
Peanuts were much better, they represent nutrition
Cheese puffs full of air, intelligence forbidden
Just maybe real soon, a revolt might incur
We'll rise to the occasion and demand our legislature
To bring back peanuts and take away this crap
They stuff into our shipments, we want our styro back
Notice the snack in the box, lighter than a bag of rocks
You ask just what is that stuff, they are albino cheese puffs

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