Albinoni Vs. Star Wars

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Shake your body to the beat
Now come on babe 'n' feel the heat
My love machine ain't shootin' blanks
I'm just a sucker
For your teenage anguish

The Ayatollah's got the blues
Star wars on an acid cruise
A supersonic super groove
Albinoni's blown a fuse
Let's dance

With digital technology
An IBM for company
Disco trash and D.A.T.
Here comes another robbery


It's revolution No. 10
Here comes that stun guitar again
So watch out baby Zeppelin
Cos I'm the classic hooligan
Well Mozart said he stole the lot
And Verdi said he wrote a flop
Yeah, T Rex and a drum machine
That's all
I need to smash that scene

Let's dance, let's dance
Let's dance

Let's dance (to end)

Autor(es): Anthony James / Martin Degville

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