Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult

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Engraved in damnation
Beneath the shadow of submergence
We await this call to Armageddon
To arise in legions of war

Burn the holy words and carve my blasphemy into angel bone
A faith buried in fire where a cold tomb lies

This desire in murdering the slaves of Christ
Sound the horn to winter's plague
Storm of one hundred years to be forged by tidal waves

Flesh bound by the rites of demon lords

Diversity in divine
Submerged in a countless death of winter
Encryption of the damned
A haunting curse to celebrate this chaos

Whispers in rites of blood
Metal and flesh are joined for spell
Bathed in flames of the serpent
Invoked on this day of hell

Rising legion raised for war
Confines of chains in heaven's fall

The dead climb sky preparing this invasion
This inferno of souls rise from the cold lake of hell

An embrace of suffering in transcendence
In birth of the knowledge of evil
The black heart, in honor of the fallen
Conquer all that deny

My screams fill the timeless skies
A torture harsh and beautiful

Skinless souls placed as markers in possessive praise of hell's firstborn

Obedience in conjuration of swallowed souls
Trapped in eternal sleep below this surface
Courting death at the hands of fools, lost in silence
Awaken in spoken words of the evoking art

Burn all remorse upon your cold pale flesh
Give to me your blood like a sacrament

Enigmatic force of deception
This order of the formless
Born from black decree
Pestilence, in the form of storms
To drown the armies of the holy

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