(No More) Alcohol

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Oh greedy alcohol you take me
Parade me around these grubby streets, shake me.
The joy you seem to take
Turning me into a fake
Like a plastic cherry on a cardboard cake.

So, roll out the barrel, tonight I've had my fill.
I've emptied both my pockets in the barmaid's till.
Mouth open sideways open out into the street
Cigarettes, matches, unco-ordinated feet.

There's doorful's of wino's in the learing London light.
And for the crowds of sightseers I make quite a sight.
Reeling sideways downwards,
Take a picture of me.
Of all the tourist sights
I'm the sight to see.

It's clear, it's clear as mud.
It's in, it's in my blood
I come from a long line
Who's only fear is closing time

Nnnnno, no more alcohol oh.
Nnnnno, no more alcohol yeah, yeah
No more alcohol

Oh and for the fifth time tonight,
You are sliding down.
But you won't stop there
You start falling through the ground.

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