Alcohol Makes The World Go Around

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Woke up in a strangers house
Through a shivering sleep on a tattered couch
Sifting through my laundry an evangelist was pointing at me
Through a flashing tv screen

That something left on from the night before
Beer bottles and records strewn all over the floor
Rubbing my eyes to the dawn
Where will i find the strength to carry on?
I don't know what to believe

Ponder the last few years on dilapidated steps
That never seems to lead to anything-lead to anything at all

Alcohol makes the world go round
For me and all my friends roaming from town to town
Buy another drink for me please take away all my monotony
If you set them up-i'll knock 'em down
Make the world go round

Made a living trying to test my luck
As i lay there thinking i'm totally fucked
There's a fart lingering in the van
While the same cd's are playing over again
As i try to fall asleep

Ponder the last few years in some remote place in the west
All i know is that there's still work to be done
Like places we haven't been to yet

Alcohol makes the world go round
When we've spent the last 10 hours driving to your town
And all i hear are apologies about your club/ about your scene
And i'm just trying to drown out the sound
That i hear all around

Stumbled back to the club in the rain
Caught my reflection in the window pane
Those eyes always searching for something
With always something in the way

Autor(es): Dan Schafer

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