Almost Cut My Hair

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Almost cut my hair.
It happened just the other day.
Its getting kinda long.
Could have said it was in my way,
but I didn't and I wonder why.
Feel like letting my freak flag fly.
Yes, I feel like I owe it to someone.

Must be because I had the flu for Christmas.
And I'm not feeling up to par.
It increases my paranoia.
Like looking in a mirror and seeing a police car.
But I'm not giving in an inch to fear.
Cause I promised myself this year
I feel like I owe it to someone.

But when I get myself together.
I'm gonna get back in that sunny southern weather.
And I'll find a place inside to laugh.
Separate the head from the chair.
I feel like I owe it to someone.

Autor(es): David Crosby

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