Aloha, It's You

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You're callin' to say hellow now
It's been 14 days and i don't know how
To deal with you not bein' here
It breaks my heart
You sound like you're havin' fun and
I wish you'd miss me
More than you do

I'm sick of talkin' to myself
I want you and no one else
But you're too far away to hear

What i got to say
What i got to say
And i just can't wait

I'm dreamin' about hawaii
The surf and the sand, you hangin' with me
But you're gone before too long
And i feel blue
You won't be here to see and changes
To hold on to me
To hold back my tears

And it's just not fair
That i can't be there
Seems like you don't care, yeah, yeah

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