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A dangerous obsession
A do or die confession
I won't leave you alone

Standing in the combat zone
Takin' in by you, my love
You are staring at the seeker of your heart
Right beneath you evil
Shakes a step ahead, too much to take
I can't make it there
My back's against the wall
Mark my words, he's gonna fall

(repeat chorus)

Open up, I'm coming in
I got to have you, kill to win
I am watching you everywhere you are
Don't look now, no time to waste
The one night, storm up in your face
He doesn't want you
Like the way that I want you
Mark my words, he's gonna fall

(repeat chorus)

Comin', are you alright?
You're my lifeline, set me free

(repeat chorus)

I won't leave you alone...

Autor(es): Buckcherry / Hans Zimmer

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