Alphabet Song

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Well, there was Anna from Austin
And Betty from Boston
And Caroline from down in Tennessee
I was out to get
Through the alphabet
Until I hit that terrible Z.

Well, L was a breeze
With Lottie and Louise
And M with Mavis and Marie
I had little trouble
With most I could double
Until I hit that terrible Z.

Then I met Xona
From way out it Pamona
I said, ''This is fate, I complete.''
But I thought with chagrin
When she told me in the end
It started with an X and not Z.

Now I'm looking for Zelda
'Cause I've never held a
Girl whose name begins with a Z
And I'm gonna hate myself
If I die and don't date my self
A girl whose name begins with a Z.

Autor(es): Hank Snow

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